Madhuri Ruia (Fit Founder)

Madhuri is much more than your typical gym owner and diet instructor. She is the perfect blend of a passionate fitness instructor, posture expert and a top notch dietician in Mumbai. Madhuri embodies an undaunted passion for spreading fitness. It is the strength of this passion that helps her motivate people to easily overcome the hurdles and excuses of staying fit. Although she appears docile, she can be quite a taskmaster when it comes to fitness. Madhuri is an expert nutritionist in Mumbai and believes that answers to all of life’s health challenges are best resolved when a person is fit. She quotes that when people are fit they look and feel good and that makes all the difference. Meet her once, and you will realize the difference she can make in your life – and metabolism!


  •     Nutrition Specialist from the American Academy of Nutrition USA
        Pilates expert from the Pilates Institute, UK
        Weight training
        Kick Boxing
        Functional training
        Reboundology (the exercise of trampolining)
        Core walking
    Madhuri has inspired several corporates to take an enthusiastic interest in their fitness. “Appetite for Success, Eat Sharp work Sharper”, Nutrition for better performance, Bold diets, bold Workouts, the 7 step home exercise program and group Pilates exercises make up the content of Madhuri’s fitness seminars. She is a personal fitness trainer and conducts seminars that are lively, jargon free and never fail to pack an innovative health punch.

Some of the many corporates and institutions that have experienced Madhuri’s fitness motivational skills include such as:

Madhuri is an innovative and creative health writer and dietician in Mumbai. Her innovative workouts as a gym trainer include trampoline exercises and kick boxing that make all the difference. She writes a regular column. “Diet Desk” for the popular newspaper- Mint. She has been appointed as the Nutritionist for the Almond Board of California for the last two years.