About US

Integration of the physical and mental:

Inte’gration of the physical and mental- Identify fitness goals and fix your fitness achievement timeline. Integym ensures that you get every assistance possible to achieve your fitness goals within a stipulated time frame. Fitness goals are identified by assessing your body composition, by analyzing your lifestyle; medical history, dieting capabilities and overall fitness abilities. This is how your fitness goals become the basis of your personalized fitness plan. Together with our fitness experts we fix realistic yet challenging time frames for you to achieve your goals.

Integration of workouts and scientific diets:

The ‘Inte’gration of workouts and scientific diets inspire consistent exercise and nutrition for fitness successes.

At Integym we believe that your workout and exercise ability justify how much and what you need to eat. Your food intake plays a pivotal role in achieving your personalized fitness goals says Madhuri Ruia, a top notch dietician in Mumbai. Our fitness experts motivate you and drive each of our members to stick to their fitness plan and achieve the desired results.

Inte’gration of strength and stamina- Adopt a minimum exercise input to maximum fitness output approach.

Integym understands today’s fast pace and highly competitive world where there is little time for exercise. Our different workout plans such as fitness protocols for weight loss exercises, muscle gain workout plans, posture correction programs, anti-aging plans are specially designed and take all of your constraints into consideration. We ensure that our nutrition recommendations are practical and doable and that our workouts help you to burn double the calories in half the workout time as compared to mainstream fitness methods. We also provide our members with double the exercise variety as compared with mainstream fitness to keep motivation levels high and rising and to achieve the personalized fitness goal and focus on how to build muscle. With the significant number of muscle gain studios and weight loss centers in Mumbai, Integym is hence the perfect choice.